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Videos: Talking About LGBT People & Issues

Over the past year, MAP and a number of its colleague lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations have produced videos and TV ads that incorporate key approaches for talking effectively about nondiscrimination protections, what it means to be transgender, the harms of anti-transgender bathroom ban laws, and much more.

Below are links to a selection of those videos developed by, among others, MAP, the Equality Texas Foundation, Freedom for All Americans, American Unity Fund, Equality North Carolina, and the Transform California campaign. Additional videos will be posted here over the coming months.

Movement Advancement Project is pleased to have organizations or individuals share videos and other materials produced by Movement Advancement Project with others, provided that such use is for non-commercial purposes and that Movement Advancement Project is given credit for such work.


New TV Ad: Restaurant

July 2016 - Debuting July 21 on FOX News Channel, this groundbreaking new TV ad created by MAP depicts the challenges transgender people face in accessing public restrooms when our laws don’t protect them from discrimination. For more on the campaign, visit


The Miles Family

July 2016 - Hear about one family’s journey toward understanding what it means to be transgender, their hopes and dreams for their transgender son, and why they support updating our laws to protect transgender people from discrimination in this video from MAP.


Zeke Talks About North Carolina's Bathroom Ban

April 2016 - Zeke Christopoulos – a transgender man who lives in Asheville, N.C. – and two of his professional colleagues discuss their concerns about North Carolina’s harmful bathroom ban law in this video from Freedom for All Americans, American Unity Fund, and Equality North Carolina.


The McHenry Family

July 2016 - In this video from MAP, the McHenry Family of Arizona talks about the importance of family, their journeys toward acceptance, and why they support updating nondiscrimination laws to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to work hard and provide for their families.


Equality Texas Foundation: Dylan and Steven

September 2015 - Dylan and Steven, two construction co-workers in Houston, Texas—one of whom is transgender—talk about the importance of shared values and the need to protect all hardworking people from discrimination in this video from the Equality Texas Foundation.


Transform California Stories: Dana

April 2016 - Dana Hargrave, a 28-year Navy veteran who is transgender, talks with her aerospace industry coworkers in this video from the Transgender Law Center, Equality California, and the Transform California campaign.


Transform California Stories: Pat

June 2016 - Pat, an amateur boxer and professional trainer, talks about his journey as a transgender man in this video from Equality California, the Transgender Law Center, and the Transform California Campaign.