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Press Release

Ineke Mushovic Named New Executive Director of the Movement Advancement Project (MAP)

Ineke Mushovic, co-founder of the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), has been appointed to succeed Linda Bush as executive director, effective Monday, February 8, 2010. Bush, MAP's co-founder and leader since its inception in 2006, has taken a senior consulting role at The Management Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to instill management practices that make it easier for progressive nonprofit leaders and their organizations to achieve outstanding results in pursuit of their missions.

"We thank Linda Bush for her exceptional and tireless leadership and the new analytic thinking and insights she brought to the LGBT movement," said a joint statement from MAP board members Larry Bye, Kevin J. Mossier Foundation; Michael Fleming, David Bohnett Foundation; Andrew Lane, Johnson Family Foundation; Weston Milliken, donor; Cindy Rizzo, Arcus Foundation; and Tim Sweeney, Gill Foundation. "From creating the first comprehensive look at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement strategy and finances to her examination of LGBT movement talent building, her vision has helped create an essential new resource for the LGBT movement. We look forward to seeing her apply her insights into leadership development at The Management Center."

"We are also very excited to welcome Ineke Mushovic as MAP's new executive director," said the MAP board members. "We have worked closely with Ineke over these past years and are confident that she brings the skills, passion and vision to move MAP forward. Her innovative approach has led to ground-breaking, practical tools and reports which have proven useful throughout the LGBT movement. Recent examples include leading a coalition of partners to improve LGBT movement messaging, and in-depth reports and analysis in areas such as transgender equality and MAP's upcoming report on improving the lives of LGBT older adults."

Mushovic said she was honored by the opportunity to serve as MAP's executive director. "MAP is always evolving as an organization," Mushovic said. "We are constantly thinking about how we can have more impact, and I am looking forward to continuing to work more closely with LGBT and allied organizations to make that happen."

Prior to co-founding MAP, Mushovic, who has 16 years of strategy and communications experience, worked as a consultant for the LGBT movement, chief strategist for an advertising agency, consultant for McKinsey & Company, and vice president of strategy for a dot-com start-up. Mushovic's background also includes nonprofit strategy work for the YWCA, the United Way, and Impact on Education.


Founded in February 2006, MAP is an independent intellectual resource for the LGBT movement whose mission is to provide research, insights and strategic analyses aimed at helping speed advancement of equality for LGBT people. For more information, see